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BDSM School with Dr. Lomp

Welcome to the sick world of Dr. Lomp, the infamous sadist who you probably already know from the Mood Universe. If you are into hard BDSM, excessive spanking and extreme whipping, and we mean the real hardcore style to a level of insanity and madness… Dr. Lomp delivers! This maniac knows no limits. No practice is too extreme, no corporal punishment is too hard. Is he a monster? We don’t think so. Remember, it’s all adult role play, and somehow he must be a likable person, as even some very famous and reputable porn stars like Nataly Gold and Renata Fox bowed down to Dr. Lomp with pleasure, for extensive corporal punishment sessions. Crazy!

 warning  If you don’t like beautiful submissive girls weeping bitterly, screaming in pain, with punishment marks all over their soft young bodies, then better stay away from Dr. Lomp's world!

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Instead of suffering, she is more for showing submission to a strong character. This is the main fact which has driven her to knock Dr. Lomp's door. Alas, to gain what she dreams, she has to fulfill the sadist master's horrifying desires.NewCost Of Inexperience - Alice WayneAlice Wayne, a young and decent girl, is to be trained, tamed and deeply tormented by Dr Lomp. Her smooth flesh will carry some seductive stripes, which will remind her of this terrible night, in which she will have to surrender herself to Dr Lomp's merciless hands.NewNike's ReturnMany of you asked if Fatima or Nike would ever appear in our films again. Well, I have been able to talk Nike into forgetting the torments of the shooting sessions and challenging her luck: let's go for the Wheel of Pain.Mia - Irresistible Call Of Pain - Part 4 Of 5Dr. Lomp fixes her both feet to the edges of the bar, widely open, and gets her poor pussy completely exposed to his cruel punishment. Now he can whip her inner legs and pussy as much as he desires. Her sobbing doesn't work on Dr Lomp's mercy, and it just causes us to get more joy from the scene.Mia Is Back With Us In RealRough butt caning. Bonus: uncut butt camera. Note: we tend to think that pretty women are fragile and delicate. Well, check it out yourself, Mia is in direct contradiction to that. She accepts her caning very well, brave girl!NewDifference Of Pain Reaction - Part 1Dr Lomp is again after testing two submissive girls through a same scenario, where one of the girls is an experienced one, Jasmin, and the other is just a fresher, Diana. Both girls will face similar punishments, and he will monitor the difference between the pain reaction of two slaves.Hope - Part 2 Of 4Slave girl Hope deserves a hard punishment because she gets Dr. Lomp angry. She tries to fool the Boss. Her sentence is 50 whip strokes on her back. You will watch her brutally whipped, while stirring in an unbearable pain. Even though she is a brave girl, she can't pass Dr. Lomp's silentness test.Decent Big Girl Against Her First PunishmentA new capture is in the scene. She is Naomi, a decent amateur. The girl is here to be tested, to see whether she will be an obedient slave girl for Graias Studio fans in the further records. Her amazing natural big tits are never exposed to any pain, nor any part of her body.The Caning Of KyraThere is no real corporal punishment movie without a severe caning. The pain and humiliation hit the roof. Dr. Lomp pushes Kyra to her limits and still has the nerves to ask, if she has some reserves.Renata Fox - Loser Of The GameA punishment is set before the game and eventually the master wins to be the punisher. Slave girl Renata Fox involves such a game with Dr. Lomp, and as predicted, she is the loser at the end. Watch the movie and witness poor model Renata Fox's trouble caused by Dr. Lomp's sadistic instinct.My Games With Gigi - Part 3 Of 4Many of you wrote that caning a cunt spread wide by force is one of your most favorite games. I'll show you a really harsh cunt caning session. Gigi surely deserves to be commended. It must be really rough when one's swollen cunt is caned so harshly. I can't help it.Fresh Girl Meet The Pain - Diana's Debut - Part 4Sweet youngster Diana is still with us with her fresh gorgeous tits. It is Dr Lomp's special choice now, when the cursor stops on the joker section of the wheel. Poor girl's eyes cannot hide her concern when she hears the master's decision.Petra's Painful Initiation – Part 1As fans remember, Petra has been tested and accepted to be Dr Lomp's new pain chick. Now it's time to play some true games with this fresh meat. She will turn the wheel of pain and let the wheel indicate her initiative torment. A butt torment is secured for this sweetheart.Fresh Girl Meet The Pain - Diana's Debut - Part 3The wheel of pain keeps the scene in a dilemma at this time. Youngster slave girl Diana turns the wheel; however, the indicator of the wheel stops between breasts and butt sections, which means, the wheel of pain also cannot determine on which body part of the poor girl will suffer.Kyra - Thorny Path To SalvationDr. Lomp has got the famous single tail whip in his hand, he is continuously hitting poor Kyra's perfect butts, where at the same time, he is humiliating desperate girl, as she perfectly understand her bottom place next to Dr. Lomp. In every strike, her flesh gets another whip print.Renata's Desires - Part 4 Of 4Trouble is to finish for cute brat Renata. She will be free of pain soon. This is the final clip of the series and finals are always difficult. In this session, she will taste Dr. Lomp's famous single tail whip on her helpless flesh. She is already broken, so it will be easier to get her crying.Welcoming A Shining Starlet – Aria's Debut - Part 2The wheel of pain will be turned by the cute girl and thus she will determine her torments by her own fortune. She is so fresh and skinny, and Dr Lomp knows that the heavy strokes would easily ruin her down. Watch the movie and enjoy youngster Aria's screams at her first meeting with the true pain.Hope - Slave Of Throne - Part 2Well, Masters... Do you trust your slaves? Are you sure of their loyalty? Let's have a social experiment. Subject of this experiment is slave girl Hope, who, as far as she says, loves her Master very much. Dr. Lomp will test her loyalty.The Training - Part 2 Of 3Now beautiful Renata is tied to cross and whipped on her chest. She is looking into Lomp's eyes as begging his mercy. You will love to watch this beauty desperately screaming. Such a stubborn proud girl, slowly losing her honor, even accepting to kneel before Dr. Lomp.Mishelle Real - Part 3Mishelle probably never thought that one day she would be enslaved, get naked, humiliated and tortured for some men's joy. Dr Lomp is taking his rattan cane in his hand, and gives command to Mishelle to take her arms back to expose her smooth boobs.New Victim On Torment Chair - Lena's Debut - Part 2After the warming up in the first part of the serial, now Dr Lomp is ready to push it more on poor slave girl Lena. She will be tormented on her most sensitive parts of her smooth body, her natural cute tits, her lovely pussy and big ass.Desperation Of Yultsi - Part 1The wheel of pain is to turn for Yultsi, and she again seems very nervous, that she knows she will suffer a lot, as no less is expected if this duo is in the scene. This session will be extremely hard for Yultsi, and now you watch and see her getting mad for her misfortune.Petra's Painful Initiation – Part 3The worst situation for Petra is that Dr Lomp has figured out that she is an extremely submissive one. This means for him that he can push more and more on this poor girl. Petra will never see any piece of mercy from the sadistic master.Save Your FriendFriendship, not only in good days. A good friend has to suffer for her close friend, even if she is tied to torture cross and being bullwhipped. She must stand before her friend to protect her tender flesh. Doesn't matter how painful this torture is. In this videos, you will witness this devotion.Mishelle's Punishment - Part 2 Of 2This time she starts with palm whipping. And then Dr. Lomp putts the riding crop strokes right on her nipples. Dr. Lomp is a true sadist but unfortunately Michelles is not a masochist, so you will catch her tear drops in every whip stroke falling on her helpless sole.Lilith – Testing A Spy – Part 1Fresh pussy Lilith is sent to Dr Lomp for a national secret service. Dr Lomp will push her pain limits and lead her to gain some experience about various torments. Watch and see if cute spy Lilith can prove herself in front of Dr Lomp.Enslaved Chick – Jasmine Waterfall S Debut – Part 2Now the action is starting for Jasmine. Dr Lomp has forbidden any resisting words from Jasmine's sexy lips, thus the obedient slave girl will scream and weep, but never get her master disappointed. You will enjoy young porn star Jasmine Waterfall learning to be a good girl with a pair of wet eyes.Recapturing Yultsi - Part 4After the last bitter experience on her tender tits, Yultsi now seems to have lost her all resistance, and ready for any further torment that Dr Lomp is to decide for her. Poor girl is constantly and hysterically weeping, even when no instrument is touching her body.Enslaved Chick – Jasmine Waterfall's Debut – Part 1Here we are meeting a gorgeous porn star, 23-year-old fresh chick Jasmine Waterfall. Even seeing a whip is enough to catch the fear in her eyes. Let's watch and see if she can endure Dr Lomp's first impact without any tears in her eyes.A Dream Comes TrueNitta has kept a little secret in her soul and finally she decides to open her heart to Dr. Lomp. For long years she has dreamed of being punished with various instruments in sequence during a session. Now she is Lomp's slave and she desires her master to fulfill this long-term dream.Renting A Slave - Amelie - Part 3Well, Renata is wearing a robe and she assumes herself safe in it. Unfortunately, poor girl, time is not up yet. Lomp takes cane in his hand. Girl even cannot scream now, because there is a piece of duct-tape on her mouth. Her white fresh skin reveals the intensity of strokes.My Games With Gigi - Part 4 Of 4He wants to play a game with poor Gigi: blind man's buff. Slave girl will put the blindfold on her eyes and helplessly wait for any stoke coming from Dr. Lomp. She will never understand from which side the whip come and where on her body it will kiss. She so can't take position to protect her body.The Beauty - Part 2It's really hard to accept and wait for your fate, and if you are aware of helplessness, in addition. No escape. This is the mood of innocent Mia, while her both arms and chest are fixed to the board. It is why she begins to tremble when Dr. Lomp's cold and unfriendly hands touch her smooth breasts.NewMia's DebutYou remember Mia from Graias movies, and you love her. Have you ever wonder how she was involved to Graias Studio? This movie will show you how Mia entered in this hell and what made her visit Dr. Lomp for the first time. Don't miss this movie to enjoy a sexy young chick being cruelly tormented.Hope - Slave Of Throne - Part 4Nice that Hope doesn't resist any of this punishments, and now it is all up to Dr Lomp to give pain her in various ways. So he will not miss the chance and will show his best to cause Hope being ruined down and drop tears. Watch this poor girl trying to hide her sorrow, but revealing it at the end.Renata - The Revenge - Part 1 Of 2Renata arrives at the studio for a light BDSM-glamour photo shoot. She glows the vivid happiness of young people. Sensual positions, sexy photos only she is capable of. But when she lies on the bench and the shackles lock on her wrists and ankles, the atmosphere suddenly changes.NewFragile Sub Returns Home - Part 3What Diana concerns Diana occurs and roles are changed now. She will be the one who is going to receive the cruel whip strokes. The game is going on and the poor youngster will have to give the right answers, now merely for her own protection.Endless Hour - Part 1 Of 3In this movie, Nitta will receive one-hour nonstop punishment, which she really deserves and needs. As a novelty in Graias Studio, Dr Lomp will let the girl to use a sex toy, a vibrator, to get her more excited during she's receiving hard strokes on her poor slave flesh.Whip Marks On Her SkinHere is a new chick for your pleasure, named Mia. She is 19, quite young. As she admits, she likes to watch BDSM movies, however she has never minded to take a role for such a record. It is the sound of pain that has kept her away from live BDSM.Welcoming Big Boobs – Dalia S Debut – Part 1Here is a brand-new sexy model, Dalia, with her seductive big boobs. Let's watch and witness her first steps into the BDSM world and her reaction to unbearable pain. As a promotion, Graias Studio is attaching another surprise debut record to this video. Enjoy new Graias girl Dalia!How The Wheel Points Out - Part 2We are sorry to announce you that we have a loss in Graias Studio. One of our cane is broken while Dr Lomp is caning slave girl Piglet on her bottom. As you may understand, any BDSM material is more valuable than a useless slave.Desperation Of Yultsi - Part 2Poor Yultsi will take whatever is given and suffer a lot even if she feels heavy for her body and soul. With her switch pride, she tries to not to weep, or to hide her innocent tear drops. Watch this lovely movie, which Yultsi will never forget for quite a time, thanks to marks on her flesh.Jasmin's Punishment - Part 3Jasmin fell completely apart after the pussy scene. Lomp was about to send her home but she pulled herself together and insisted on whipping of the soles they'd agreed about. We, who are aware of Lomp's attitude towards the ladies' requests, know that nothing but what Jasmin wanted happened again.Hope - Slave Of Throne - Part 1It seems she really missed to entrust her smooth body to heavy torture of Graias Studio. Well, Dr. Lomp will not turn this appeal back and provide her pain more than she asks. She will be humiliated under Dr. Lomp's holly being. She will be reminded her low slave place.Hope - Slave Of Throne - Part 3After passing the loyalty test of the previous movie of the serial, in this part Hope is facing another hard test: pain endurance. She is ordered to hold a cup of water in both hands, meanwhile she will be caned harshly. Let's watch and see if Hope can handle this severe caning.Lilith – Testing A Spy – Part 2While Dr Lomp touches the shocker on her most sensitive parts, Lady Hanna will caress her soft skin, suck her nipples and try to break her resistance. For a while, Lilith will be examined for her ticklishness by gentle touches of the firm mistress.Lilith – Testing A Spy – Part 3Lilith has already proved her pain duration for the task, however Dr Lomp hasn't tested her pussy sensitivity yet. Thus, before giving the certificate to her hand, he wants to see her bearing an occasional pussy torture.The Beauty - Part 4Dr Lomp gets Mia so obedient, that he even doesn't need to cuff her to cross, while whipping her untouched flesh. This young and pretty girl is sobbing merely for your pleasure. Let's watch such a dream girl struggling under heavy torture of Dr Lomp.
Testing Petra, The New ChickHere is another hot chick for your pleasure, named Petra. Petra literally means rock, and this yummy is here to be tested if she really carries the characteristics of her name. Dr. Lomp is also eager to see if Petra is ready to handle his severe torments in the further movies.
Petra - Stepping Through Real Submission - Part 2It is obvious that though she is not a tough girl, Petra is brave enough to let her master apply any punishment on her body. This gives Dr Lomp the chance to push her level of pain. Now it's time for pussy torment and famous master will use various instruments to test the slave girl's endurance.
Disgraced And Tormented – Kate Bootal's Debut - Part 3Now Kate will understand that all she has had were just a simple warming up, and the party is just to start in this part of the session. She will taste one of the worst pains for humankind; the sole beating. Watch Kate slowly regretting for her decision of visiting Graias Studio.
Draining Her TearsAfter the harsh punishment in her debut, Mishelle learns to not to ask for more from Dr Lomp. Now, in her second shooting, she will be placed on the torment chair, her wrists will be secured to both sides of the chair and she will taste the bitterness of back whipping for a while.
Hope Versus Dr. LompSent by her master, Hope is here to please us. She is under immense pressure. She must obey everything on the scene and accept all the pain and humiliation without showing any resistance. There is nothing left for her, except getting the suffer like a good girl.
Tatiana - Debut - Part 1Here is a new girl served to your pleasure, named Tatiana. She is a friend of Nitta. Tatiana also have gorgeous breast, like Nitta has, and as you know, Dr Lomp loves to punish such big boobs. Enjoy new girl Tatiana and her huge boobs are exposed to Dr Lomp's creative punishments.
Welcoming Big Boobs – Dalia S Debut – Part 2Experienced master has commanded Dalia to stand on her fours on torture bench and to give her butts up. He takes his rattan cane in hand, and it seems that nobody can save the pathetic slave girl from Dr. Lomp before that cane is broken on those sexy butts.
Hot Bird Is Back - Natalie Gold S Return - Part 2In this part of the serial, Nataly will be ordered to lick and suck a big dildo in front of her, while Dr Lomp will be ready next to her, and whip her palm with a riding crop. Poor slave girl is not permitted to give up sucking the big cock even if she feels the pain deep through her veins.
Renata's Desires - Part 1 Of 4Renata, an obedient and curious girl, is dreaming Dr. Lomp to visit her. She calls him, invites for a session. Single tail whips, a duct tape and some spirit ready on the table, she takes her position and starts to wait Dr. Lomp. You will see girl's tears getting her body wet.
Mishelle Versus Dr. LompEvery girl has a potential to be a proper slave. What needed is a true training supervised by a true master. Mishelle is here to find herself. Dr Lomp is trying to dig her soul to uncover the hidden obedience. Surely this will be a long process, to get her as an obedient slave girl.
The Beauty - Part 1I can't understand Mia. One day she says she doesn't want to come again, next time she begs me for letting her come again. Since she leads a conservative life in her private life, I believe that she longs for the role of a slave. She asked me to tie her up. Will this do? :)
Kyra - Part 2 Of 6Dr. Lomp starts to this girl so he tries to reveal the most sensitive part of her body. She may not figure out how a serious condition she is involved but painful strokes teaches her the reality. First tears easily drop. You will love close up scene on her face while she is fearfully sobbing.
New Victim On Torment Chair - Lena's Debut - Part 4Probably the most painful part of the serial for the poor submissive girl will be this, the last one. Dr Lomp will let the wheel of pain decide what Lena will face in the rest of the session. She will turn the wheel several times, for various painful torments.
How The Wheel Points Out - Part 1Graias is starting month of November with a new series. Here two masochist chicks, Piglet and Nitta, both wholly ready to suffer just for your pleasure. Mere pain would be some boring, so Lomp decides to set a contest between them.
Testing An Untouched Teen - Ariana's DebutSay hello to Ariana, a 19-year-old decent girl. Ariana wants to prove her bravery and has attended a testing movie in the holy dungeon of Graias Studio. She knows BDSM only from porn movies and has never tried it before.
Dr. Lomp Tames Renata FoxDon't assume that every stubborn girl has allergy for dominance. Some of them just seek the true man to tame them. Here is the example, named Renata. She is a brat but she is eager to give away her control to Dr Lomp's experienced hands. Watch Renata properly enslaved by Dr Lomp.
Renting A Slave - Amelie - Part 2Still plenty of time on counter and trouble is going on for the slave. She is now sitting on restriction chair, wrists and neck locked. In that situation her back will receive a hundred strokes with a single-tail-whip. She has already started to weep and beg for some break.
Fragile Sub Returns Home - Part 1Talented master Dr. Lomp has captured one of his former girls, Kate Bootal. Experienced sub seems eager to remember her old times, and ready to serve her master with all her being again. She will taste the unbearable electro pain right on her sweet pussy and hot small tits.
Petra - Stepping Through Real Submission - Part 1Meeting with Dr Lomp, being his slave for the first time is usually an easy deal for new girls, because the famous master shows patience and doesn't lead the girls out of the BDSM world with the first impression. But when the first threshold is passed, things are changing very fast.
Fresh Girl Meet The Pain - Diana's Debut - Part 2In this part of the serial, the young girl will receive the punishment determined by a combination of the wheel of pain and Dr. Lomp's free will. She will turn the wheel herself to see on which part of her pure body is to be tormented, and the tough master will pick the instrument himself.
Mishelle Real - Part 2This is tale of a shy young girl, who is eager to play tough BDSM games with Dr Lomp, you remember this from Part 1. Dr Lomp now gives her the second chance. In this session, she will be punished with a riding whip on her sensitive cunt.
Fragile Sub Returns Home - Part 2The serial brings the experienced and a fresh sub up together. Dr Lomp decides to add youngster Diana to the session. Slave Kate will keep on being punished, while newbie Diana will taste both physical and mental torment. Talented master announces a cruel game.
The Training - Part 3 Of 3Renata is bending on the bench and her pussy is completely exposed for torture. She will taste Lomp's special pussy caning. In the face close-up scene, you will feel how nervous she is. She is trying to escape, alas, this is impossible. In the end, Renata's sexy surprise is waiting for you.
Methodology Of Punishment - Intensity Of StrokesIn this tutorial movie, Dr. Lomp will demonstrate various options to punish a slave girl. Young and sexy chick Alice Wayne will be the model of the tutorial. Lomp will position Alice due to his will, restrain her to a bench, and do a favor and let the girl pick the instrument.

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